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At Poulissen Tire Service Urmond we are specialized on all proceedings within the domain of tires.

Tires & matching rims

Well preserved tires maintain safety on the road. They are the only contact between you and the road. In order to have a good road holding tires maintained in a good condition are essential. The tire thread depth is one of the important aspects in this matter. Make sure the right kind of tire is used through out the different seasons. We have a wide variety of rims that will fit your car perfectly.

We will take care of:

• Your tires with its matching rims.
• The exchange of your tires.
• We store your summer and winter tires in our tire storage.
• Alignment of tires
• Balancing of your tires
• A check if your tires still have the right thread depth.

Choose Poulissen Tire Service Urmond for a safe and carefree travel.

Alignment of tires

In the case one site of your tires wears more than the other site, your car has a backtrack to one site or when your car steers extremely rigid or lightly, your tires aren't aligned well enough. A bad aligned car uses more full and is very unsafe. Alignment of tires is a difficult job to do. Visit us, because we are up to the task.

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Balancing of your tires

Well balanced tires improve your comfort during your drive. Besides your tires don't wear off as fast. Nevertheless does your fuel usage decrease with well balanced tires. In the case your wheel vibrates with a velocity of 100 to 140 km/h, it is a good idea to have your tires balanced. We have advanced electronic equipment for a quick and accurate performance of the task.

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Exchange of summer tires

Make sure to change your tires at the right time of the season. Summer tires you will increase the adhesion and road holding at than 7 degrees Celsius. We exchange your winter tires after the carnival period.

Exchange of winter tires

Winter tires are not only mend for those who go on winter vacations. Winter tires increase the adhesion in the winter period because of its extra grooves and ridges. Because of this structure a better abduction of water is possible. This will come in handy when driving through the snow on wet and slippery roads. During fall we exchange your tires and store your summer tires at our stock.

Summer tires on a wet road

remweg op nat wegdek

Beneath 7 degrees of Celsius, your braking distance with winter tires is shorter. At a velocity of 100 km/h, the distance will be approximately 4 meters shorter, without taking reaction time and swelling time (time it takes for the brakes to work) into account.

Summer tires on a snowy road

remweg op besneeuwd wegdek

With winter tires the braking distance is approximately two times shorter with a velocity of 50 km/h on a snowy road in comparison with summer tires. This equals a distance of 28 meters. These calculations are done without taking reaction time and swelling time into account.



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